Choice Home Watch Observations

Home Watch Observations

Here’s What We See

*Not a complete list. Just a choice list of visits. As You can see, We do our best to observe and report any issues.

Here are some of the anomalies We have Seen:


November 2022: Single Family Home – Construction completed. Burglar alarm not functioning. Master Bath toilet not connected to feed. Contacted Builder. Sending site super this week.

October 2022: Single Family Home – Wind and rain event (Ian) Post storm visit. No substantial damage. Pool over filled. 2 Roof tiles missing. Mail box & Fence leaning.

October 2022: Single Family Home – Work completed by city left lawn sod without watering and is turning brown and rear Ficus hedges are beginning loosing leaves. City came out to water for 3 days and pest control was ordered to treat for white fly.

September 2022: Condo- Reported that New flooring ordered by Home Owner was installed but, missing floor trim….. Next visit, Reported all trim installed except closets and sent photos.

August 2022: Townhouse- 2nd floor A/C System shut down. Temperature is 88, Humidity is elevated. Contacted Home Owner, Coordinated A/C Service tech. Met with Service tech for easy fix, reported good news to home owner that system was back up and running.

July 2022: Home- Noted excessive corrosion on Natural Gas Meter. Recommend review by Gas provider and pluming contractor.

June 2022: Condo – Ceiling stain in kitchen with ceiling popcorn flakes on counter. Placed towel over counter to help prevent damage. Recommend contact unit above to assist in locating cause.

May 2022: Condo – Humidity level measures above 60%. Bed room A/C Unplugged. Corresponding breaker tripped. Dining room AC showing signs of coil deterioration. Plan for replacement. Recommend Recommend review by Service contractor.

April 2022: Condo – Insurance/water damage repair in process. Owner states mold report is being addressed. Access to under sink and refrigerator blocked by stored goods
-Note, Dining room AC showing signs of coil deterioration (plan for replacement)

March 2022: Home- Noted foundation and stucco cracks in sidewall at front & right. Possible erosion below footings. Do pool pipes run under that area ? Monitoring.

February 2022: Home- A/C Not run due to low exterior temperature. Running A/C’s during low temperature days may cause damage to compressor.

January 2022: Home- Roof appears to be turning blue following roof tile cleaning. Recommend review.


December 2021: Home- Interior Plant near entry door looks yellow. Watering at Your prescribed level. Soil appears reasonably moist. Recommend review. November 2021: Home- Landscape needs attention: Hedges appear tall at rear, Newly planted grass at right is still yellow.

October 2021: Condo- Garbage disposal frozen. Unlocked for temporary fix. Monitor

September 2021: Condo- Noted Pest wings at window sill in Primary bed room. Recommend contact property manager/ Association for further review by pest control company.

August 2021: Condo- A/C Drain line clogged. Will attempt vinegar for quick fix. Recommend A/C Service call to avoid leak.

June 2021: Home- Water stain in living room. Flashing may be cause. Recommend contact Roofer. Advise if You would like a REFERRAL.

May 2021: Home- Met with Cable company. All 3 televisions appear to be operational as well as WIFI

March 2021: Condo- Car failed to start. Seems like battery dead. Please advise if We should meet mechanic on site.

February 2021: Condo- Shutter need to be tested and lubricated during off season for ease of operation when season comes

January 2021: Home- Pool Green, Pool person should be called to shock.


November 2020: Condo- Condominium Roof Leaking. Water stain, Contact Property Manager.

September 2020: Condo- Refrigerator seal deteriorated. Warm temperature in Freezer. Caught in time, called Appliance service company before. No leak.

July 2020: Condo- Water Heater Shut off corroded.

June 2020: Home- Excess mail and news papers removed from driveway.

April 2020: Home- Pool water level below skimmer. Replaced some water during visit. Owner called Pool company to locate leak and refill.

February 2020: Condo- Dishwasher began leaking as soon as water was turned on for visit. Immediately shut off and called for repair

January 2020: Home- City Sewer Backed up through toilet and bath tubs. Called You, No answer. Initiated emergency clean up.


December 2019: Condo- Washing Machine unit above while owner above was away for just 15 minutes. Flooded 6 units in total. Will call You directly.

September 2019: Condo- Refrigerator Failed, Defrosted causing water to leak on floor. Cleaned up before leaking on unit below. Recommend seal replacement

June 2019: Home- Expired Critter causing smell in rear yard. Called Animal Control.

March 2019: Condo- Responded to emergency call. Leak from Toilet in unit above. Floors & drywall wet

March 2019: Condo- Chairs hanging off railing. Removed from porch and brought inside away from wind.

July 2019: Home- Burn hole in patio canopy (See photo)., debris from firework debris in pool, floating debris on pool clogging skimmer and pump. Contact pool person.

April 2019: Condo- Sliding Glass door unsecured. Home left open. Closed and secured. Added pole in track for additional security

March 2019: Home- Roof Shingles Missing. Post storm


November 2018: Home- Roof Tiles cracked/missing, Water stains, Roof leak.

August 2018: Home- Foundation settling cracks. Monitor

May 2018: Home- Electrical Panel with overheated main lugs. Contact Electrical Contractor.

March 2018: Home- Roof Shingles Missing , Front & Right side(2 Homes)

January 2018: Condo- A/C Off, Frozen coil


September 2017: Home- Fallen Trees, Electricity out, A/C’s off. (Several Properties, Post Erma Hurricane visits)

*Not a complete list. Names, Dates and Address are not intentionally incorrectly listed for security reasons and as courtesy to Home owners. Just a choice representation of Home Watch visits. As You can see, We do our best to observe and report any anomalies. Combination of our observations and fellow Home Watch companies.