Choice Home Watch Observations

Home Watch Observations

Here’s What We See

*Not a complete list. Just a choice list of visits. As You can see, We do our best to observe and report any issues.

Here are some of the anomalies We have Seen:


July 2022: Home- Noted excessive corrosion on Natural Gas Meter. Recommend review by Gas provider and pluming contractor.

June 2022: Condo – Ceiling stain in kitchen with ceiling popcorn flakes on counter. Placed towel over counter to help prevent damage. Recommend contact unit above to assist in locating cause.

May 2022: Condo – Humidity level measures above 60%. Bed room A/C Unplugged. Corresponding breaker tripped. Dining room AC showing signs of coil deterioration. Plan for replacement. Recommend Recommend review by Service contractor.

April 2022: Condo – Insurance/water damage repair in process. Owner states mold report is being addressed. Access to under sink and refrigerator blocked by stored goods
-Note, Dining room AC showing signs of coil deterioration (plan for replacement)

March 2022: Home- Noted foundation and stucco cracks in sidewall at front & right. Possible erosion below footings. Do pool pipes run under that area ? Monitoring.

February 2022: Home- A/C Not run due to low exterior temperature. Running A/C’s during low temperature days may cause damage to compressor.

January 2022: Home- Roof appears to be turning blue following roof tile cleaning. Recommend review.


December 2021: Home- Interior Plant near entry door looks yellow. Watering at Your prescribed level. Soil appears reasonably moist. Recommend review. November 2021: Home- Landscape needs attention: Hedges appear tall at rear, Newly planted grass at right is still yellow.

October 2021: Condo- Garbage disposal frozen. Unlocked for temporary fix. Monitor

September 2021: Condo- Noted Pest wings at window sill in Primary bed room. Recommend contact property manager/ Association for further review by pest control company.

August 2021: Condo- A/C Drain line clogged. Will attempt vinegar for quick fix. Recommend A/C Service call to avoid leak.

June 2021: Home- Water stain in living room. Flashing may be cause. Recommend contact Roofer. Advise if You would like a REFERRAL.

May 2021: Home- Met with Cable company. All 3 televisions appear to be operational as well as WIFI

March 2021: Condo- Car failed to start. Seems like battery dead. Please advise if We should meet mechanic on site.

February 2021: Condo- Shutter need to be tested and lubricated during off season for ease of operation when season comes

January 2021: Home- Pool Green, Pool person should be called to shock.


November 2020: Condo- Condominium Roof Leaking. Water stain, Contact Property Manager.

September 2020: Condo- Refrigerator seal deteriorated. Warm temperature in Freezer. Caught in time, called Appliance service company before. No leak.

July 2020: Condo- Water Heater Shut off corroded.

June 2020: Home- Excess mail and news papers removed from driveway.

April 2020: Home- Pool water level below skimmer. Replaced some water during visit. Owner called Pool company to locate leak and refill.

February 2020: Condo- Dishwasher began leaking as soon as water was turned on for visit. Immediately shut off and called for repair

January 2020: Home- City Sewer Backed up through toilet and bath tubs. Called You, No answer. Initiated emergency clean up.


December 2019: Condo- Washing Machine unit above while owner above was away for just 15 minutes. Flooded 6 units in total. Will call You directly.

September 2019: Condo- Refrigerator Failed, Defrosted causing water to leak on floor. Cleaned up before leaking on unit below. Recommend seal replacement

June 2019: Home- Expired Critter causing smell in rear yard. Called Animal Control.

March 2019: Condo- Responded to emergency call. Leak from Toilet in unit above. Floors & drywall wet

March 2019: Condo- Chairs hanging off railing. Removed from porch and brought inside away from wind.

July 2019: Home- Burn hole in patio canopy (See photo)., debris from firework debris in pool, floating debris on pool clogging skimmer and pump. Contact pool person.

April 2019: Condo- Sliding Glass door unsecured. Home left open. Closed and secured. Added pole in track for additional security

March 2019: Home- Roof Shingles Missing. Post storm


November 2018: Home- Roof Tiles cracked/missing, Water stains, Roof leak.

August 2018: Home- Foundation settling cracks. Monitor

May 2018: Home- Electrical Panel with overheated main lugs. Contact Electrical Contractor.

March 2018: Home- Roof Shingles Missing , Front & Right side(2 Homes)

January 2018: Condo- A/C Off, Frozen coil


September 2017: Home- Fallen Trees, Electricity out, A/C’s off. (Several Properties, Post Erma Hurricane visits)

*Not a complete list. Names, Dates and Address are not intentionally incorrectly listed for security reasons and as courtesy to Home owners. Just a choice representation of Home Watch visits. As You can see, We do our best to observe and report any anomalies. Combination of our observations and fellow Home Watch companies.

What is Home Watch

Home Watch Services:

A weekly or every two week visit to homes for seasonal owners and residents while they are away for extended periods of time. “Observe and report on conditions readily visible at the time of visit.”

A Home Watch Specialist will typically observe and report on:

Exterior condition of structure, Roof covering, walls and that all windows and doors are locked and secure. They will check the pool for water level and clarity, lawn and vegetation for color. Bring in mail, news papers and packages to remove signs of vacancy.
As for interior, Turn on the main water feed upon arrival (turn water feed back off on exit). Flush all toilets and run sink and shower faucets to fill traps with water to avoid methane gas seepage from sewer system.
Check A/C for operation and leakage. Monitor thermostat and humidity.
Enter rooms and closets checking for water stains. Check windows and doors for security as well as pests on window and door sills.
Check garage, run garage door, check Water Heater and laundry for signs of leaks and electrical panels for tripped or heated breakers.

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