What is Home Watch

Home Watch Services:

A weekly or every two week visit to homes for seasonal owners and residents while they are away for extended periods of time. “Observe and report on conditions readily visible at the time of visit.”

A Home Watch Specialist will typically observe and report on:

Exterior condition of structure, Roof covering, walls and that all windows and doors are locked and secure. They will check the pool for water level and clarity, lawn and vegetation for color. Bring in mail, news papers and packages to remove signs of vacancy.
As for interior, Turn on the main water feed upon arrival (turn water feed back off on exit). Flush all toilets and run sink and shower faucets to fill traps with water to avoid methane gas seepage from sewer system.
Check A/C for operation and leakage. Monitor thermostat and humidity.
Enter rooms and closets checking for water stains. Check windows and doors for security as well as pests on window and door sills.
Check garage, run garage door, check Water Heater and laundry for signs of leaks and electrical panels for tripped or heated breakers.